«AgroStar» company offers Ligol apples from Ukraine

  Ligol apples is a Polish variety of apples. It has been selected at the Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice. It is a winter variety of apples, which was created from the crossing of varieties of Linda and Golden Delicious. Ligol variety has been growing in Ukraine since 1995.

  Ligol apples are large or very large, spherical cone-shaped. The skin is strong, shiny, with a slightly oily coating. As puberty, its color changes from greenish to yellow and begins to cover the bright red blush.

  The flesh is creamy, tender and juicy. Fruits have sweet and sour taste, crisp flavor and are very tasty. Ligol is sweet-sour and aromatic in taste. Suitable for eating raw and in salads only.

  Ligol apples are delicious both immediately after harvest, as well as after several months of storage.

  Enjoy excellent taste and quality of Ukrainian Ligol apples.

Harvest period: late September – early October.

Fruit colour: yellow with red blush.

Taste: tart-sweet and juicy, taste quality excellent.

Weight: 200-300 gr.

Uses: eat fresh, fruit salad.

Transportability: very high

Storage: in cold storage – till April.