«AgroStar» company offers Jonagold apples from Ukraine

  Jonagold is high quality American apple, developed in the 1940s. As its name suggests, this is a cross between the crisp Golden Delicious and the blush-crimson Jonathan. It is most popular in Belgium, and according to the US Apple Association website it is one of the fifteen most popular apple cultivars in the United States. The colouring is yellow of Golden Delicious, with large flushes of red. Jonagold's other parent, Jonathan, is an old American variety which was discovered in the 1820s.

  Jonagold is widely-grown by commercial growers, and there are a number of more highly-coloured sports. Jonagored is probably the most widely known of these. Others include: Decosta, Primo, Rubinstar, Red Jonaprince.

  Jonagold apples offer a unique honey-tart flavor, and crispy, juicy nearly yellow flesh. It has a sprightly, juicy flavor like Jonathon and a sweetness and aroma similar to that of Golden Delicious. Good-quality Jonagold apples will be firm with smooth and clean skin. The coloring is bright red over gold.

  They form a large sweet fruit with a thin skin. Because of their large size they are now favoured by commercial growers in many parts of the world. Jonagold stores well, a quality it inherits from one of its parents, Golden Delicious. It has a combination of good sweetness and good sharpness that often denotes a high quality apple.

  Jonagold is a very versatile apple. As well as being excellent for eating fresh, it is a popular for all kinds of culinary uses, and good for juice and cider.

  Enjoy excellent taste and quality of Ukrainian Jonagold apples.

Harvest period: late September – early October.

Fruit colour: greenish-yellow with red blush.

Taste: tart-sweet and juicy, taste quality excellent.

Weight: 170-220 gr.

Uses: eat fresh.

Transportability: very high

Storage: in cold storage – till April.