«AgroStar» company offers Granny Smith apples from Ukraine

  Granny Smith apples originated in Australia in 1868 when Maria Ann Smith found a seedling growing by a creek on her property. Perhaps the most instantly recognisable of all apple varieties and one of the most widely known, Granny Smith is also one of Australia's most famous exports.

  Granny Smith was one of the original staple supermarket varieties, and one of the first international varieties, a role for which it was well suited. The tough skin and amazing keeping qualities meant it could easily be shipped around the world. It requires a warm climate to ripen properly.

  Granny Smith apples are a crisp, tart apple that make a delicious snack or a tasteful addition to recipes. Because these green apples are have a higher acid content than other apples, they take longer to go brown once you cut into them. Toss diced Granny Smith apples into salads or stir them into your oatmeal at breakfast. No matter how you enjoy these tart green apples, your body will reap a nutritional harvest of benefits.

  Enjoy excellent taste and quality of Ukrainian Granny Smith apples.

Harvest period: late September – early October.

Fruit colour: green / greenish-yellow

Taste: tart, acidic, yet subtly sweet flavor, taste quality excellent.

Weight: 220-300 gr.

Uses: eat fresh, fruit salad, cooking

Transportability: very high

Storage: in cold storage – till May.