«AgroStar» company offers Florina apples from Ukraine

  The Florina apples which is also called Querina, is a French cultivar of domesticated apple, which has combined traits of the Jonathan, Golden Delicious and Rome Beauty apples, and was developed in Angers, France. Although developed in France its ancestry is entirely American.

  Florina bears medium to large fruit, skin very attractive, purple red covering almost completely the yellow background.

  The flesh of florina apple is medium firm and aromatic, a blend of sweet and tart, uses mainly for fresh eating. The apple has a sweet cider aroma and feels quite firm in hand. Biting in, however, is a bit tender, coarse-grained butter-white flesh that is even a little granular. This flesh bears moderate well-balanced flavors of cider and pleasingly, cantaloupe, which provides a lush quality.

  Fruits keeps well for approximately five months.

  Enjoy excellent taste and quality of Florina apples Ukrainian origin.

Harvest period: late September – early October.

Fruit colour: red with waxy bloom and white dots.

Taste: sweet and juicy, taste quality excellent.

Weight: 130-180 gr.

Uses: eat fresh.

Transportability: very high

Storage: in cold storage – till April.